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Technology Strategy - Integration Architect

Slalom Atlanta – Technology Strategy - Integration Architect

Driving integration opportunities into business success

Slalom’s purpose is to “reach for and realize your vision”. “Your” in our purpose means our clients, our people, and our communities.

For our clients, enterprise application data is a valued asset not just generated within the businesses four walls, but an asset that drives our clients success within their larger eco-system. We believe that a business vision of people, process and technology must also include data. No enterprise strategy is complete without factoring in the creation, protection, transformation and integration of enterprise application data to generate value for the business. AKA: Integration Architecture

Integration Architecture is not:

* Churning out crappy point to point java integrations

* Mindlessly flipping the application schema into an API

* Extending the life of obsolete mainframe applications

Integration Architecture is:

* Rolling up your sleeves and taking ownership of a client’s data integration problem, working side-by-side with all of the stakeholders, connecting the dots between the business domains, their suppliers and customers; and using all the tools and techniques available to break down the islands of automation and unlock the value of enterprise application data

* Taking a new idea or a new integration technology, a data interface problem, an opportunity or a concept and seeing it all the way through to measurable business outcomes

* Knowing when to lead, when to guide, and when to support

How do our Slalom Integration Architects make this happen? Our Integration Architects:

* Have experience working in multiple businesses, business domains, and industries;

* Are certified in and have hands on practical experience working with the latest integration technologies and have used these technologies to drive businesses forward;

* Have been on both the business side and the consulting side, and they know the difference;

* Have applied and adapted business and technology methodologies to drive business outcomes; and

* They know they can rely on their own professional networks, the 5500 consultants and experts that make up Slalom, our Slalom partners, and the clients themselves to bring together the best minds possible to tackle any given business challenge.

However, just being smart, having some certs, and being able to rattle off a bunch of key integration concepts won’t cut it. Slalom Integration Architects need to be able to establish credibility from the first meeting and continue to grow the client’s trust. They must bring together business and technology leaders and practitioners to frame a clear data integration vision, a strategy to achieve it, and a road map to get there. They need to drive effective collaboration across disciplines, partners, and client business and technology groups to deliver that road map.

The things we love about being a Slalom Atlanta Integration Architect?

* We’re embedded in the Atlanta community, and we get to work with Atlanta’s Fortune 500 and mid-market enterprises using the latest technology to realize their business visions;

* We collaborate with our Slalom colleagues, our partners, our community, and our clients on opportunities we couldn’t have imagined;

* With mentoring and coaching at the heart of our practice we get to take budding architects under our wings and help them realize their vision of being an Integration Architect; and

* Best of all, we’re forced to grow, and we're continuously challenged as technologies and our clients evolve ever faster.

Feel like you’re already doing this, but you want to do it with Slalom for our clients? We’d love to hear from you.

Feel like you’re on the path to becoming an Integration Architect, but you’re not quite there yet? We’d love to chat with you to see if we can take you from where you are today and grow you into a Slalom Integration Architect.

What you can expect when you’re running the Slalom gauntlet:

1. An initial chat with our friendly recruiting team to check your general fit for Slalom and the role;

2. Two separate interviews with our Architects for you to see if Slalom is right for you, and for us to understand what challenges you’re looking to tackle next and test out your integration capabilities, experience, and Slalom cultural fit;

3. An interview with our Practice Director and an Integration Architect where you’ll present architecture deliverables you’ve created so we can see you in action, and talk further about your aspirations and experience so we can figure out if and where you fit into our practice; and

4. A final interview with one of the Slalom Atlanta Managing Directors to ensure you’re a fit for the Slalom Atlanta office.

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