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Software Engineer

Software Engineer

What will you be doing at Slalom?

In short, you’ll be solving our clients most critical and difficult problems. 

·       You’ll be pushing code to production

·       Playing with new technologies and products

·       Hacking!

·       Lunch time board games

·       Working with a fun, collaborative team where everyone can be themselves and are provided the opportunity to love their life.

Who you are?

You’re a smart, collaborative person who is passionate about technology and driven to get things done. You’re not afraid to be bring your authentic self to work. You embrace a continuous learner mentality.

·       4 or more years of experience working in an enterprise environment

·       Solid java skills

·       Experience with Spring and/or Spring Boot frameworks

What technologies will you be using?

Everything. It’s about using the right technologies to solve problems and playing with new technologies to figure out how to apply them intelligently. We work with technologies across the board.

Why do we work here?

Each of us came to Slalom because we wanted something different. We wanted to make a difference, we wanted autonomy to own and drive our future while working with some of the best companies in Atlanta leveraging the coolest technologies. At Slalom, we found our people. 

Don’t just take it from us, listen to what our people say about this team…

“Towards the end of college I’d seen friends graduate and go to work for large consulting firms as well as large tech companies. And for the most part, they were extremely unsatisfied. They were either expected to sit in a cube on a dev team and crank out code with little opportunity for growth outside of their current scope of work, or to work constant death marches at a traditional consulting company and justify it as “good experience”. I was beginning to give up hope of finding a good balance when I encountered Slalom by chance at the Georgia Tech career fair. Not to be cheesy, but right away I knew I’d found something different. Slalom expected me to excel in my role as a developer, but also encouraged me to grow as a consultant and as a leader. I wasn’t “just a developer” but a thought leader; someone who was expected to put in the effort to make the right decisions about technology in any scenario. And while nothing can replace experience, (there were clearly things I just didn’t know as a fresh college grad) Slalom empowered me to make decisions and surrounded me with people who had the experience and knowledge to support me. Whereas some of my peers are finally switching jobs into a role where they feel fulfilled, I’ve been creating solutions since day one that are not only being used by millions, but that I’m genuinely proud to have worked on. I’ve never been told that I can’t do something or that I should slow down, and it’s for these reasons that I’ve never felt stifled due to lack of title or tenure.” - Software Engineer, August 2015 – Current

What does the recruitment process look like?

Our process is highly personalized. Some candidates complete their process in one week, others can take several weeks or even months. Deciding to take a new job is a big decision, so regardless how long or short the process may be for you, the most important thing is that you find your dream job.  

Slalom is a purpose-driven consulting firm that helps companies solve business problems and build for the future, with solutions spanning business advisory, customer experience, technology, and analytics. We partner with companies to push the boundaries of what’s possible—together.

Founded in 2001 and headquartered in Seattle, WA, Slalom has organically grown to nearly 4,000 employees. We were named one of Fortune’s 100 Best Companies to Work For in 2017 and are regularly recognized by our employees as a best place to work. You can find us in 25 cities across the U.S., U.K., and Canada.


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